Vinyl Raised-Bed Garden Planters

         Benefits of Raised-Beds

We're dedicated to helping you create the ultimate low maintenance organic gardening experience!

Vinyl Raised-Bed Garden Planters 

If you're a traditional line row gardener who has been considering switching to raised-bed gardening, or a new gardener who would like to enjoy fresh vegetables, without all the work involved. EZ Gates & Gardens has the answer for you!  Labor intensive traditional gardening is a thing of the past. With a little bit of effort,  you can now create a garden area that is installed once, is low maintenance, and will last for decades to come. No more breaking out that rototiller every year, or adding different amendments to "fix" your soil. Simply set, fill, seed, and water. Just imagine, no more spending hours & hours "working" in the garden! We manufacture standard and custom sizes to meet your needs.

Our  elevated vinyl raised bed planters are manufactured with seamed & sealed bottoms with drains and drainpipe for water and soil management. Our vinyl raised bed planters are made from the finest quality 100% commercial vinyl and are fabricated so there are no exposed screws, rivets or bolts, we ARE the cleanest looking raised bed planter available. 

The raised-bed or "Potager" garden has been around for centuries dating back to the time of kings and has been proven over centuries to be the easiest way to maintain a sustainable organic garden with no fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. You can eliminate weeds by as much as 95%, cut your water consumption in half (and in many cases much more), and can double your harvest with a fraction of the work! If you only have a small area, raised-bed gardening is the perfect answer! If you have a large area, raised-beds allow you to manage it easily! ​You will be absolutely amazed at how little "work" your garden requires once installed. Lay out your space, decide what sizes will work best for your area, give us a call, and

enjoy gardening again!

"Everyone should enjoy the benefits of having a garden!"