At EZ Gates & Gardens, we're dedicated to helping you create the ultimate low/no maintenance sustainable organic garden. EZ Gates & Gardens vinyl raised-bed garden planters are designed with our patent pending unitary single piece sidewall panels with two inch caps to allow you to sit on the side of the planter while working on the interior bay. With ten interior ribs, our 12" single piece unitary sidewall panels create the most durable planter on the market today!  NO more bending over to work your garden. No more working on your hands and knees. Our planters will never rot, deteriorate, splinter, peal or breakdown and will not draw unwanted bugs and pests due to decay. Our planters are designed to last a lifetime without repair or replacement.Vinyl planters provide a lifetime of beauty and durability without the need to sand, treat or paint. 
Simply set, fill, plant and you're done! 

  Or, if you need to install or replace those old gates that no longer function properly, our seamless gate system is be the answer for you. At EZ Gates & Gardens we offer vinyl gates that require no steel reinforcement, wires, cables, bolts, cross braces, nuts, rivets, or wood. Our unique seaming process creates a gate that, when complete, is one solid piece of vinyl that will never rack or change dimension. Our gates have half the weight and twice the strength!
    Our commercial grade vinyl products are built to last a lifetime and "best of all" they are maintenance free. Purchase one time and enjoy for decades to come. All planters and gates are handcrafted and built to your specific size requirements. If you live in or around the greater Salt Lake City/Wasatch Front area, or are visiting,

please give us a call and let us show you the advantages of Vinyl Raised-Bed Gardens or the advantages of a seamless gate system that you can install yourself!

EZ Gates & Gardens